One of the most vile things that has ever been rumored to walk Espon is the Lich. Unknown by name the Lich is a undead monstrosity that can also take form of an Undead black dragon.
In the Legends of old the Lich was supposedly the one who tried and succeeded at opening up that shadow realm. During the final battle of the war of shadows the Lich was defeated by the Heroes of old along with Agrigorth. After the War of the shadows the Lich’s body was burned, however a phylactery was never found leading some to think he lives to this day.

Lich in religion

The lich is the leading entity to the cult of shadows. This organization looks to set forth the shadow realm on to Espon. The cultist that follow this religion believe that the shadow realm is a great source of knowledge and not something to fear. Most members of the cult of shadows will do anything to achieve their goals including murdering innocents, this causes the majority of cultist to be evil in alignment.

Domains- Evil, Chaos, Destruction, Trickery, Madness
favorite weapon- Dagger

The Lich’s main form

The Lich’s dragon form


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