Telron is located north of Thrask and west of Freymore. Telron’s main exports are livestock, agricultural goods and lumber. Telron is also known for trading Dwarven goods because it is just south of Karag Kazad, the dwarven mountain city.

Telron is a monarchy run by King Rodchester and his family as well as various appointed members. Telron’s main religions are dashial and Rohan as well as Leral. Since Telron borders Thrask many people in Telron also choose to worship Ardon.


Telron Originated as a group of huntsmen and loggers on the frontier land of the Dwarven nation. During the Dwarven, Elven and orcish wars the Dwarves were weakened retreating back and leaving the lands of Telron for the races of men to claim.

The Rodchester familys bloodline stretches back to the first people that were able to unit the people of Telron. This Ancient bloodline gives the Rodchesters Royal authority over the people of Telron.

Telron in the Ludania Wars

The Ludania Wars were tough on the people of Telron. Ludanian ships appeared out of nowhere and they had launced their assault on Telron. The first of the cities to fall was Burmor. Ludania had already established a network of spys in Burmor that had sabotaged its defenses. Within hours the entire town of Burmor had been overrun by Ludanian Paladins.

After the assault on Burmor Telron had been quickly overtaken. The Dwarves of Karag Kazad were pushed back into their mountain and served little help to drive out the Ludanians. The Ludianians had pushed the armies of Telron all the way back to the twin rivers of Edinburg.

In the Early morning hours the Ludanians had sent their assault across the Rivers of Telron. However this time the people of Telron were prepared they had used the choke points of the river to their advantage. Using archers and spear men the units of Ludania were broken. It wasn’t until King Rodchester ordered his knights to make a full charge that the battle was actually won.

After the battle of Edinburg an alliance had been signed with Thrask calling for aid. After the signing of this document Thrask sent thousands of foot soldiers to fight along the sides of the troops of Telron. Suffereing from their wounds and being pushed back to the seas, Ludania called for a full retreat leaving as fast as they could and even leaving some of their troops behind. Today there are still some Ludanians in hiding around Telron trying to sabotage towns and incite revolts.


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