Rohan was a gold dragon that story has it was sent by Dashial to Espon to deal with the growing threat of the Lich and the Discliples of the Shadow. According to legends Rohan found a group of adventures and lead them to defeat the cult of shadows and seal off the shadow realm with the 13 keys. During the final battle with the Lich, Rohan was struck down by the Lich himself. After the Lich was defeated by the heroes and Rohan’s loyal servant Agrigorth, A Cleric among the heroes, John Aldritch, was able to resurrect Rohan. Today Rohans place on Espon is uncertain, some even believe that Rohan was never resurrected at all.

Place in Religion

Rohan is widely worshiped throughout Espon with his Greater goddess Dashial. His followers typically wear symbols depicting a gold dragon. Rohans worshipers follow the same codes of peace and charity that the worshipers of Dashial do.

Rohans Domains: good, Strength, glory, Law, Fire
Rohans favorite weapon is a scimitar

Rohan the dragon


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